Related Services

Cognition Matters is set up to offer the following services:

Cognitive Assessment Tool

Cognitive Assessment ToolWe have developed a comprehensive and informative first stage screening tool (BCoS™) through extensive cognitive neuropsychological research in the University of Birmingham. Our latest tool has produced cognitive profiles for over 800 stroke survivors in the West Midlands. These profiles facilitate treatment and care planning. We are planning for the wider publication of BCoS™ which we hope to be released by summer 2011.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

Training and Continuing Professional DevelopmentTo accompany the release of BCoS™, we are now scheduling training sessions for health professionals around our assessment method and its interpretation. We are also able to provide individual or bespoke training sessions.

Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Cognitive Assessment ServicesTo individuals or healthcare providers, we can also provide independent cognitive assessment sessions using our expert team of leading neuropsychologists and occupational therapists, fully trained in cognitive assessment and rehabilitation.

In Development

In DevelopmentWe are currently developing supplementary tools to provide greater depth on specific areas of cognition, and to cater for other related abilities (such as social cognition). Furthermore, we are developing an electronic diagnosis, reporting and data management system to enhance the interpretation and presentation of results from the use of BCoS™ assessment tools.

Web Data Entry and Management

We offer an external Web Data Entry service which automatically scores the BCoS™ test in terms of age appropriate norms, details whether a clinical problem is suggestedand which gives a visual snapshot of the cognitive profile for a patient. The cognitive profile can be entered into a patient's case notes and used to help inform case management decisions.